New Kent County Public Schools operates a preschool program dedicated to serving young children with special needs. Children from 2-5 years of age with special needs who qualify for services can be served by our preschool staff. To serve our school-based children with special needs in the most appropriate setting, we have an inclusive program. Inclusion refers to educating children with special needs with their typically developing peers. We are very proud of our preschool inclusion program that started in 2005.

If you have a preschool child who has a specific diagnosis or development about which you are concerned, please call 804-966-9663 and make a referral to have a screening completed. Following the screening, an evaluation may be recommended to determine if the child is eligible for special education services. If eligible, an individual plan is written for that child and services are provided, as needed.

If you have a preschool child who displays typical development and are interested in more information on the inclusion aspect of the program, please click the following link to read the brochure. Applications for inclusion children are typically available during the month of March for the following school year.

There is a Head Start program run by Parent Child Development Corporation that serves multiple counties including New Kent. Please contact Taren Thomas at 804-843-2289 or visit their website:

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To view our  brochure, go to the "For Parents" tab and click on the link "Preschool Inclusion Program Brochure."